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Residential Solar Panel Las Vegas

Families today are looking for a highly affordable means to power their homes. You are on the lookout for the same and this is why you have come here. Cost-savings of the next level! Yes, this is what you get with dependable residential solar companies in Las Vegas. You don’t have to look any further in the state of Nevada when you have come to us for assistance. With Universal Solar Las Vegas, you have the confidence that you will only get state-of-the-art technology and above 25 years of warranty on each of the products that we have. 

Remember, with us, you do not have to do any of the heavy lifting when it comes to switching to residential solar power. We are a full-service solar panel installation company and we understand your needs better than anyone else in the industry. We are here to ensure huge savings for you throughout the year by enabling you to switch to solar power seamlessly.

Benefits Of Solar Panels For Home  

Before you get a solar panel system installed for your house, you should be aware of the various Solar Panel benefits that you will be getting out of this investment.

  • Saves You A Lot Of Money  

You are going to notice a massive dip in your electricity bills after installing a solar panel system on your property. According to studies, several homeowners can save up to 95% on their monthly electricity bills by just installing 6 panels on average. You can be one of those households that turn to a more sustainable form of energy and do their bit for the environment.

  • Enhances Your Property Value  

Needless to mention it is also going to enhance your property value by at least 8 to 12%. This is going to be a monumental increase given the current economic situation. Solar panel systems become a very attractive selling point for various properties in Las Vegas and other cities in Nevada. 

  • Gives You Freedom From Centralized Grids  

Homeowners often complain about being tied down to centralized grids. Once you choose a solar panel installation, you will be able to decrease and almost eliminate the dependency on centralized government and private electricity grids. Once you add a battery backup to your solar panel, it will give you even more energy independence.

  • Helps You Contribute To A Better Environment  

Saying yes to a sustainable form of energy gives you the satisfaction that you are not choosing fossil fuel-generated electricity. You are not contributing to water pollution or any greenhouse gas effects whatsoever. You are doing your bit for the planet and this makes you a responsible citizen.

  • Proves To Be Quite Cost-Effective  

The initial cost of a residential solar system can be a little high but you still get a lot of tax benefits and debates in return.  Solar panels are very durable and the cost of maintenance is also quite low. It is a one-time investment that is accompanied by government schemes and subsidies as well. So all in all, you win!

Our Professional Residential Solar Installers  

You know what makes our professional residential solar contractors and teams so trusted in the industry? It is our commitment and dedication to what we do and the way we understand your budgetary constraints and energy needs as well. Our NABCEP certified professionals are at your disposal every step of the way. Our team members have extensive experience in solar power installation and management

We will make sure that the system is installed quickly and positioned in the most optimal way to maximize solar power conversion. Our highly professional and extremely skilled and qualified team members are going to make sure that your house never runs out of power ever again. 

  • No hardware required 
  • Very easy to expand installation 
  • Seamless backup option 
  • Generates 52% more energy within your space 
  • Durable systems that come with a warranty of over 25 years 
  • Minimalistic design 
  • Little to no learning curve on how to use or maintain it 

Residential Solar System Installation Cost

We have a highly competitive pricing strategy in addition to several financing schemes that we make available to our customers. This is why we have become such a trusted brand in the industry. Needless to say, that you will be producing your own energy and selling it to utility providers within practically no time. This will help you earn a lot of extra income throughout the year. 

Contact A Trusted Residential Solar Company In Las Vegas 

We are your trusted solar panel installation partners. We have state-of-the-art technology that is going to ensure that your solar panels are optically positioned and function seamlessly to produce maximum power throughout the day, month after month, and year after year. When you come to Universal Solar Las Vegas, you have a sense of satisfaction and the peace of mind that your house is in safe hands.  Contact us for more details and Get FREE Solar Panel Estimate

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